Tips for Practicing Music

Music Teaching Owl
  • Find a quiet place to practice and try to use the same place everyday.
  • Always tune before practicing. Playing an out of tune instrument is detrimental to the progress of your ear training.
  • Practice at the same time every day. Your mind and body will become accustomed to practicing at a set time. This will make it easier for you to become focused.
  • Try not to have distractions, other family members, radio, or TV, etc. This is your time alone with your instrument.
  • Don’t allow yourself to practice when overly hungry or tired. Drinking a glass of juice just before your session is a good way of sustaining your energy and concentration.
  • When you’ve mastered some problem or accomplished something in your music, show it off to the people you care about.
  • Good posture and breathing is not only necessary for singing but is an essential ingredient in playing your instrument well.
  • If at some point in your practice you start to feel frustrated, Stop, take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. You may also want to close your eyes while doing this exercise for deeper relaxation.
  • Playing with others as soon as possible will help to develop your ear and timing.
  • Establishing good habits and a consistent practice routine will rapidly advance the learning process and the discipline will also greatly benefit other areas of your life.