About Us

Welcome to our about us page.
We have been married for 40 years and have 3 grown children and 8 grand children. 6 boys and 2 girl.
We have been performing together and teaching Old Time, Blues, Folk and Swing music since soon after we married. We have Ken & Trisha Brooksalso been selling music related items at music festivals for many years.
In 2000, Trisha's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. By 2001 at the age of 80 she was no longer able to care for herself. We really didn't want to put her in a nursing home so we made some life changes so that we could have her with us and be home most of the time. One of those changes was to start our online business Strumhollow.com.
We started making and selling custom designed music t-shirts, handmade wooden musical spoons & washboards. Over the years, we have found other great music items to add to our store.
We have been so blessed to do work we enjoy and also be able to take care of our family.


In our teaching, we incorporate both private and group instruction to rapidly develop the individual's potential. We then encourage our students to play in the musical community where they are highly welcome for their keen sense of musicianship.

Blue RibbonCollectively, our students and ourselves have won over 50 ribbons and cash prizes at local and statewide competitions including the prestigious Edward Lee Flemming Jr. Award for musical excellence at the Florida Old Time Music Championship.

Combined, the two of us play over 14 different instruments including:

  • Guitar
  • Banjo
  • Bass
  • Dulcimer
  • Autoharp 
  • Ukulele
  • Fiddle
  • Mandolin
  • Dobro

Instrument Building

In 1982, we combined our musical talents and artistic abilities with lifelong woodworking skills to produce exceptionally fine musical instruments.
Our first pKen Building Dobroroject was a hammered dulcimer. Having a great desire for different instruments, we went on to build a thumb piano, bowed psalteries, tongue drums, lap dulcimers, musical spoons, a Dobro and banjos.
Our first banjo was a fretless mountain banjo with a Possum skin. We then made a fretted open back banjo for that old time clawhammer sound. At festivals, people were impressed with our banjo and started asking if we would make one for them. And like they say, the rest is history. We are proud to be so well known for our high quality lap dulcimers and banjos.
At the first juried art show we entered displaying our handmade instruments, we were delighted to receive the first place award. There have been many proud moments since then but that award will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Check out our pictorial Building a Resophonic Guitar & Repairing a Banjo Peghead.