Resophonic (Dobro) Guitar Scales

The Following Scales are in G Tuning

dobro c major scale

This is a 2 octave C Major scale based on the barred C chord at the fifth fret. The Major scale is the familiar do re mi scale. This scale can be moved up or down the fretboard and named by whatever chord is formed at the fret where 1 is on the sixth string or by the note under your bar at that location. For example, the next scale is the same pattern moved down to start at the open strings making it a G scale.

For information on how the Major scale is built using whole steps and half steps, visit our theory page.

2 Octave G Scale

Here is a 2 octave G Major scale. The Major scale is the familiar do re mi scale. The numbers to the left of the chart - 1, 3, 5, 1, 3, 5 - are the open strings. Bar the other numbers at the appropriate fret. As there are only seven letters in the musical alphabet, 1 is also 8 at the octave.

Another G Octave Scale

Here is another way of playing the 2 octave G Major scale using only one open string to start and replacing other open strings with notes up the neck.
This 2nd scale pattern is also movable. Just place the first low 1, which is the root note, on any fret of the sixth string and name the scale from that note.

One Octave G-Scale 

This is a 1 octave G Major scale starting and ending on the 8th fret of the B strings. If you move thisscale pattern, it will be named by the note at the 1 or root note at whatever fret you move to.

Knowing the numbers of the scale steps or scale degrees will be helpful if you need to transpose a tune to another key. Just find the numbers of the notes you play in the tune and play the same sequence in the other key.