How to Play the Spoons


Our musical spoons are not difficult to play. Grip them by the handle with your index finger through the hole. In a sitting position, strike the spoons down on the opposite leg from the hand with the spoons. Now hold your other hand palm down above the spoons. After striking down on your leg with the spoons, you can tap down with the hand or bring the spoons up to strike the hand.

In a four count measure you may want to count 1+2+3+4+ where you strike down on 1, up for +, down right spoonswith an accent on 2, up for +, down on 3, up for +, down with an accent on 4, up on +. Varying this pattern can add some exciting rhythms behind a song.

Another position for playing the spoons is to stand with your leg propped up to the previous position by placing your foot on a chair or other such item. You should proceed to learn to play in any position and against various parts of your body or anyone else's who'll stand still long enough.

Whether you play over the tips of the spoons or the bowl will alter the sound you can get. For a softer quiet rhythm, try playing lightly between your thumb and fingers. As a great ending to some tunes, play between your hand and your cheek while making an O shape with you mouth.

Right SpoonsYou may want to occasionally use a drum roll effect with the spoons. Spread the fingers of the free hand and hold it facing you just above the leg. Now, drag the spoons across the fingers, as you would a stick on a picket fence, end by striking the leg.

Practice to recorded music until you feel confident to play with others. If you happen to see anyone playing spoons, watch them to pick up some tips and tricks. Listening to drummers can also add to your repertoire of rhythm licks.

Above all remember, enjoy, and have fun.

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