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Strum Hollow 5th String Capo and Bag

Strum Hollow 5th String Banjo Capo

$ 14.95

Strum Hollow 5th String Banjo Capo made in the Reagan Banjo Capo tradition. This is the 5th string capo that I use on my banjos.

There is no need to drill holes like there is when railroad spikes or a sliding capo is used as a 5th string capo.
A small brass block with a thumb screw attaches directly to the string, NOT the neck.
The string is inserted into the slot in the capo and locked in place with a nylon screw.
Clamp it to a string above the nut when not in use.

Comes with a drawstring carrying bag large enough to fit your banjo capo and 5th string capo.

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